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According to this thread in the Irex Forum, SD cards are not 100% supported. Additionally, SD cards over 1 GB will not work at all.

Manufacturer Model Size iLiad F/W Notes/Additional info
Medion 256Mb
Kingston 512Mb
Kingston 1Gb
Apacer 256Mb >=2.9.1
DaneElec 256MGb >=2.9.1
X Digital Media 512Mb
EMTEC 1Gb Explicitly mentions MMC compatibility in spec sheet
Qpix 1Gb
SanDisk 256Mb
SanDisk 512Mb tested on 2.10
SanDisk Ultra II 512Mb
SanDisk Ultra II Plus USB 512Mb Works as USB device
SanDisk 1Gb
SanDisk Ultra II 1Gb
SanDisk micro SD 2Gb tested on 2.10
SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus 1Gb >= 2.7 (reported by kabriel)
SanDisk Extreme III 1Gb
Toshiba SD-M01G 1Gb 2.9.1 (b_k)
Transcend 1Gb
Transcend 2Gb
Transcend (150x) 4Gb
Transcend MiniSD Adapter >= 2.9.1 Used with Transcend MiniSD 1Gb (80x)
Tyrex 1GB SD Card 1Gb (kapoeira)
Platinum 1GB SD Card 1Gb
Fujifilm 1GB SD Card 1Gb
Canon SDC-16M 16Mb >= 2.9.1
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