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This is an audio reader for people with vision disabilities.


[edit] Overview

A reader that plays most audio formats including MP3 and DAISY digital talking books. It also has TTS for text data transferred to the device. In addition is has a camera that can use OCR coupled with TTS to read text you might encounter anywhere.

[edit] Printed text into audio

There has never been a mobile device quite like the Intel® Reader. Such convenient access to the printed word can be life changing for people with vision or reading-related disabilities, blindness, or low vision. The level of success and freedom they stand to gain with the Intel Reader is unprecedented.

Portable and unobtrusive, the Intel Reader takes pictures of printed material. It then converts it to digital form and allows magnification and/or audio playback. The reliable Intel® technology combines a high-resolution camera with an Intel® Atom™ processor. Which means conversion is fast, and the Intel Reader can hold large amounts of text.

With the Intel Reader, you have convenient and flexible access to a variety of printed content. Being able to read for yourself can increase your freedom, enjoyment, and confidence, and it can help you accomplish more at school or work.

Capturing and playing back text with the Intel Reader is as easy as point, shoot, listen. You just hold it over the printed text, push the Capture button to take a picture of the page, and the Reader will play it back to you on the spot. (You can listen to it through the earphones if you want more privacy.)

You can also store content on your Intel Reader and listen to it when it's most convenient for you. If you want to capture a chapter, an article, or a book, the Intel® Portable Capture Station makes it easier to shoot large amounts of text.

[edit] Specifications

[edit] Intel® Reader

  • Processor: Intel® Atom™ Processor
  • LCD Display: 4.3” (10.9cm) (16:9)
  • Camera : 5 megapixel, autofocus
    • Focus: range of 4” (10cm) to approximately 1.1 yard (1 meter)
  • Data Storage: 4GB Intel® Solid State Drive (SSD), approximately 2GB for user data, can hold up to 600 processed pages (images and text) with up to 20 pages waiting to be processed or up to 500,000 text-only pages.
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 Type A; USB 2.0 Type Mini B; AC Power; Stereo Audio Jack
  • Audio Output Integrated speakers and 1/8” (.35mm) audio jack
  • Supported File Formats: DAISY 2.02* (DAISY), NISO 2002* (z2002 or DAISY 3*), NISO 2005* (z2005 or DAISY 3), NIMAS 1.0/1.1*

MP3, WAV, ASCII text

  • Battery: Rechargeable 6-cell lithium-ion DC7.4V, 3300 mAh
    • Charging time approx. 150 minutes
    • With a fully charged battery, the Intel Reader can:
      • Play over 4 hours of text-to-speech or .mp3 audio
      • Capture and process over 85 images of text
      • Remain in standby for up to 5 days
  • Carrying Case: Helps protect Intel Reader while allowing full camera, reading, and listening functionality. Includes shoulder strap.
  • Power Adapter: Input: 100-240V, 1.5A; Output: 12V, 5A, 1lb. (.45kg)
  • Dimensions
    • Product: 6.5in. x 5.35in. x 1.3in.( 16.5cm x 13.6cm x 3.3cm)with battery
    • Packaged: 11.5in. x 7.6in. x 6.5in.( 29.5cm x 19.3cm x 16.5cm)
  • Weight:v1.38 lbs (.63kg) device with battery, 4.8 lbs.(2.18kg) packaged

[edit] Intel® Portable Capture Station

  • Capture Area: 12.5in. x 18in. ( 31.5cm x 45.7cm) to accommodate text books
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 Type A; USB 2.0 Type Mini B
  • Page Holder Film: Transparent film to keep pages flat; replaceable spare available
  • Dimensions:
    • Product: 16.4in. x 11.9in. x 4.25in. (41.7cm x 30.2cm x 10.8cm) (folded closed)
    • Packaged: 20.6in x 15.6 in. x 7.2in. (52.3cm x 39.6cm x 18.3cm)
  • Weight 9.4 lbs (4.26kg) device only, 11.4 lbs.(5.2kg) packaged

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