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KITABOO is the name for an application to read eBooks and for a Publication tool to create eBooks.

[edit] Reading app

KITABOO - For ios, windows, mac, online and android. So far nothing is really known about the reading app. If you download any of the apps you will be asked to login to use the product. But there is no information on creating a login. There is some indication that it may use ePub 3 format.

[edit] Publication tool

Kitaboo is a cloud-based digital ePublishing platform which allows you to create, publish and securely distribute your digital content; (DRM) is supported. Kitaboo addresses the eBook conversion needs of publishers and training content requirements of enterprises.

  • Makes use of LMS, Learning Management Systems.
  • This tool is primarily intended for Corporate training use but can be adapted to other usage.

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