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kepubify is ePub to kepub converter created by geek1011.


[edit] Overview

kepubify is a standalone tool to convert ePubs into Kobo ePubs. It does not depend on any other software such as Calibre, and runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a command line tool, but on windows, it can be used by dragging the ePub file on to kepubify. It has full support for all the main requirements of a kepub, including Kobo Spans.

[edit] Usage

  • On Windows, you can drag your book on top of `kepubify.exe`
  • kepubify /path/to/my/book.epub will output to ./book.kepub.epub
  • kepubify /path/to/my/book.epub /path/to/another/folder/ will output to /path/to/another/folder/book.kepub.epub
  • kepubify /path/to/my/book.epub /path/to/another/folder/newname.kepub.epub will output to /path/to/another/folder/newname.kepub.epub

[edit] Features

  • Conversion
    • Adds kobo spans to allow notes and highlighting
    • Adds kobo divs
    • Smartens punctuation
    • Cleans up html
      • Removes extra characters
      • Removes MS Word tags
      • Removes ADEPT encryption leftover tags
    • Kobo style fixes
    • Clean up extra files from ePub
    • Remove extra calibre tags from content opf

[edit] Advantages over calibre-kobo-driver

  • Works from the command line
  • Faster processing
  • Standalone
  • Does not add extra calibre meta tags

[edit] For more information

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