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This page is mainly of use to Kindle owners, as the drivers needed for Ethernet-over-USB (as used by the various USBNetworking hacks) aren't always shipped by default on some Operating Systems.

  • For Windows users: You'll probably need to install a specific driver, if Windows fail to autodetect everything. This .inf file should do the job (except on Windows XP, see the next paragraph). If not, check if something on this page does the job for you. For Windows 7 also check this method ("...Sharing Device" Network Adapter also works).
  • For Windows 10 only: Your Windows 10 computer may already recognize a Kindle as a network adapter. In that case, it will appear in your 'Network and Sharing' center as an unrecognized network. Congratulations, you are set. If not, see this Win10 RNDIS Driver Tutorial
  • For Windows XP only: In your PC a new device will appear: RNDIS\Ethernet card, with VID_0525 & PID_A4A2. The driver for this device can be found here, with its accompanying .inf file.
  • For Mac OS X: Navigate to your network settings (System Preferences -> Network). Select RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget from the left side panel. Choose manual from the IPv4 drop-down menu.
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