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Special thanks to MobileRead member chaley for creating the Plugboard feature.

Plugboards: Are used to control the folder structure and file name when saving files from the Calibre library to the disk or eBook reader. It is also used to define “virtual” columns that contain data from other columns and so on.

In simpler terms, Plugboards will allow us to use eBook metadata to control how eBooks appear on our Kindles. Specifically for this wiki guide, plugboards allow us show on our Kindles, eBooks that are in a series and have been numbered in reading order.

This will be a very simple guide but if you want to learn to use the more advanced features of Plugboards, please see chaley's Plugboard, template, and custom composite column recipes thread on MobileRead and The calibre template language tutorial page of the Calibre User Manual.

Software: The most current version of Calibre. 
You should have some basic working knowledge of Calibre, if not please watch the Demo Video.


[edit] Install Calibre

1) Install the most current version of Calibre for your computer, if it isn't already installed.

2) Import your books into Calibre (if they are not already present).

3) Use the "Edit Metadata" button to set up your book series and number the individual books.

Plugboards edit metadata.jpg

Plugboard in death books.jpg

[edit] Create your Plugboard Template

4) Click the "Preferences" then "Metadata plugboards" buttons to create your plugboard template.

Plugboards select preference.jpg

Plugboards select plugboards.jpg

5) When the template dialog opens, go to "Add new Plugboard" and select your file type. I have chosen "mobi" for my Kindle since the books I'm using are mobi. You also have the choice of "azw", "azw1" (Topaz) or "pdf" (there is also an "any format" choice as well as choices for other eBook readers).

6) Next choose your device.

If you have a Kindle 1, choose "Kindle". 
If you have a Kindle 2 or 3, choose "Kindle2". 
If you have a Kindle DX, choose Kindle_DX.

7) Under "Source template" type or copy and paste the following (from MobileRead member economix):

{series}{series_index:0>2s| - | - }{title}

8) Under "Destination field" select "title"

9) Click on "Save plugboard" and then the green "apply" check mark

Plugboard template.jpg

[edit] Send to Device and Results

10) Now connect your Kindle and use the "Send to device" button.

Plugboards send to device.jpg

11) Safely eject your Kindle and check out the results.

Plugboards in death results.jpg

[edit] Alternate Template

Here is an alternate template from MobileRead member Scott Nielsen.

{series:|| }{series_index:0>2s|[|] - }{title} 

Plugboard kitty results.jpg

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