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[edit] Performing a basic reset

A basic reset forces your eReader to restart properly. In many cases, this is enough to restore your eReader to normal.

  1. If possible, turn off your eReader.
  2. Remove the SnapBack cover, and locate the small hole on the back of your eReader.
  3. Unfold a paperclip and slide an end into the hole.
  4. Press gently until you feel a click. Your eReader should restart.

[edit] Performing a factory reset

If a basic reset doesn't work, you can perform a factory reset to restore your eReader to its original settings. After a factory reset, you’ll have to set up and sync your eReader again. Note: A factory reset will remove any books on your eReader.

If you perform a factory reset on your eReader, this means that it:

  • Deletes any books you've downloaded.
  • Deletes the bookmarks and annotations you’ve made on your eReader.
  • Removes your account from your eReader.
  • Resets all your settings (for example, Reading Life and text settings).
  • Returns your eReader to its original settings.
  1. If possible, back up any books or documents that you added to your eReader using Adobe Digital Editions, or that you manually added using your computer. You do not need to back up any books you bought from the Kobo Store. Any books you purchased from the Kobo Store can be downloaded from the Kobo Cloud after a factory reset.
  2. Go to your Ho screen.
  3. Tap the Menu icon at the top of the screen.
  4. Tap Settings.
  5. Tap Device Information.
  6. Tap Factory Reset under Advanced.
  7. Tap Reset Now.

Content retrieved from https://www.kobo.com/help/en-US/article/2013/resetting-your-kobo-ereader on February 18, 2017

[edit] Performing a manual factory reset when the device doesn't boot to the "dancing squares"

If the above basic reset and a factory reset don't work, there is an alternative method to do manual factory reset. After a manual factory reset, you'll need to set up and sync your eReader again. Before you perform a manual factory reset, charge your eReader for at least four hours.

  1. Force the eReader to turn off by holding the power button in the off position for about 20 seconds.
  2. Turn the eReader on but continue to hold the power button down.
  3. Quickly tap both bottom corners of the screen.
  4. When the screen changes, stop tapping the screen and release the power button.
  5. The factory reset should start.

If the factory reset does not start, you may need to try again. You need to get the timing of the taps correct.

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