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[edit] Important Disclaimer

Things change weekly, so one should view books, videos, and articles as a limited (and sometimes slightly outdated) foundation, and experimenting and testing on real devices as compulsory. The online previewers are inaccurate, and how something looks on one device (or computer) is not a predictor of how it will look on another device. Researching the latest developments in the #eprdctn world is mandatory.

[edit] Books specific to eBook production

Kindle Formatting by Joshua Tallent
ePub Straight to the Point by Elizabeth Castro
Elizabeth Castro's Mini-guides

The above books are fantastic, but please remember that this business moves fast and things change weekly. They don't cover KF8 yet (at least last time I checked).

[edit] The Specs

Kindle Format 8 Guidelines: Especially the tools and the guidelines. The formatting samples are a bit questionable.
IDPF ePub 2.01 Specs: Remember that just because it's a standard, doesn't mean a retailer follows it. Expect bugs and exceptions everywhere.
IDPF ePub 3: Coming soon to a retailer near you!
iBookstore Asset Guide: Sometimes available online; must have account to download from Apple directly.

[edit] Staying up to the minute

Follow the #eprdctn hashtag on Twitter
Browse the mobileread forums.
Listen to the weekly podcast by the eBook Ninjas.

If you are a college student and need assistance with an argumentative essay, you can always count on help.

[edit] Videos

If you're working from InDesign, or if you want to make a Fixed-Layout ePub, then Anne-Marie Concepcion's videos on Lynda.com are a great place to learn.
If you become a member of Digital Book World, then you'll have access to a lot of great conference video on eBooks.

[edit] Blogs

Pigs, Gourds, and Wikis: Liz Castro's blog on eBook production. Must-read.
ePub Secrets: Fantastic Resource.
business related topics: Very informative resource.
eBook Architect's Blog: Not much yet, but from the best on Kindle formatting.
Threepress Consulting Blog: Stuff from the best. Check the date; some older stuff is outdated.
R. Scot John's Blog (particularly his series on KF8 fixed-layout formatting
Extraordinary Commons: Great exploration into KF8.
https://blogging.im/guidetoebooks Blogging on how to make an eBook, this may be forwarded to http://www.artofblog.com/create-ebook/

[edit] For more information

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