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LibreDigital is a company devoted to aiding publishers in delivering eBook content.

[edit] The company

LibreDigital was founded in 1999 in Austin, Texas. They are committed to offering open formats and services for publishers.

[edit] The Products

LibrePublish is a suite of software services leading publishers use to transform, control, optimize, and deliver digital content. This solution minimizes the complexity of the digital publishing and distribution process. With LibrePublish, publishers can:

  • Transform their content into a range of common digital formats, while preserving the fidelity of their titles.
  • Rapidly expand digital sales channels for their content and associated metadata to the largest global online book retailers and distributors.
  • Control distribution rights and permissions of their content at a granular level.
  • Ensure that their content is optimized for the ever-increasing number of e-reading devices, as well as future devices, formats and interactive options.

LibreMarket empowers publishers with the tools they need to market their titles online and drive sales. And for good reason. According to a 2008 study by Bowker®, 21 percent of book buyers became aware of a book through online marketing, compared to 16 percent of buyers reporting they learned of a book through traditional offline marketing. With LibreMarket, publishers can:

  • Forge stronger relationships with their readers by leveraging the reach of the Internet.
  • Drive sales of their titles by allowing consumers to sample controlled portions of content.
  • Enable avid readers to share their interest in titles with their personal networks.
  • Provide links to purchase content throughout the online marketing experience.


  • Enables consumers to view book content online in a familiar browser-based reading application, with the interactivity features consumers expect. Many have seen Browse * To date, consumers have read over half a billion pages through LD Browse.
  • Offers publishers methods of configuration and control like no other product on the market.
  • Best of all, a convenient “buy now” link drives consumers to purchase the book right away from a site the publisher directs them to—including the publisher’s own website.


  • Avid readers can market titles on a publisher’s behalf by way of online social networks, blogs or their own websites through “widgets,” or snippets of code that they can easily embed on a webpage.
  • Can be implemented or changed quickly using a graphical design tool. And since all Promote code is controlled from a central source, publishers can update everything linked to their titles across the Internet in real-time.


  • Allows publishers to offer downloadable samples—such as “e-galleys”—of their digital content to consumers through publisher-branded webpages.
  • Publishers can restrict online distribution of these DRM-protected samples by time, quantity or amount of content to support their marketing initiatives.
  • Optional consumer registration provides valuable data about who is reading what content and enables future marketing opportunities.

LibreAccess provides fulfillment of digital content to consumers, optimized for whatever reading device, application, or format they choose. With this solution, publishers, digital content distributors, and online retailers can establish an “on-demand” direct-to-consumer fulfillment channel. In addition, LibreAccess enables publishers to sell access rights to the underlying content and leave it to LibreDigital to determine how best to optimize and fulfill it. Further simplification allows publishers to:

  • Prevent piracy by optionally DRM-wrapping certain content formats for Adobe® Digital Editions or Microsoft PlayReady®.
  • Integrate the purchase experience between e-commerce systems and LibreDigital’s content repository and fulfillment technology, using the LibreDigital Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Establish an infrastructure that enables new business models in the future by selling flexible access rights to underlying content instead of limiting content sales to specific formats.

iBrowse3 is LibreDigital’s new browser-based reading application that readers can access from anywhere, with no software to install. iBrowse3 preserves publisher branding and maintains the quality of their printed copy, while enhancing the reading experience for consumers. With iBrowse3, publishers can:

  • Provide the best possible online reading experience by helping their readers find the content they want in multiple ways: a hierarchical table of contents by section and article, keyword search, section-to-section jumping, or standard page flipping.
  • Offer readers an unprecedented level of flexibility to interact with content the way they want to.
  • Promote viral marketing using integrated AddThis® functionality to enable readers to share articles with their personal and professional networks with one click.
  • Get the usage data publishers need with Google Analytics™.

[edit] Device Support

They support formats needed by Publishers including:

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