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Lucidor is a computer program for reading and handling e-books. Lucidor supports e-books in the EPUB file format, and catalogs in the OPDS format.


[edit] Introduction

Lucidor runs on the GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms. It is a free program developed by Ordbrand.

[edit] Features

Lucidor provides functionality to

  • Read EPUB e-books.
  • Organize a collection of e-books in a local bookcase.
  • Search for and download e-books from the Internet, for example by browsing OPDS catalogs.
  • Convert web feeds into e-books.

[edit] Requirements

On Windows and GNU/Linux Lucidor requires that either Firefox (versions 3-3.6 or 4) or XULRunner (versions 1.9-1.9.2 or 2.0) is installed before the program can be run. Firefox is the recommended choice.

On MacOS X XULRunner is required.

[edit] Variations

  • Lucifox is an e-book reader extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It enables you to read e-books and browse e-book catalogs in a browser window. It supports e-books in the EPub format and catalogs of the OPDS kind.
  • Luciwik is an EPUB/OPDS system for MediaWiki. It consists of two extensions for MediaWiki, one called Luciwik, and one called LuciwikEPUB.
    • The Luciwik extension provides an OPDS catalog containing entries for automatically generated EPUB versions of the wiki articles. OPDS is a standard for publishing e-book catalogs on the Internet.
    • The companion extension LuciwikEPUB provides functionality to output wiki articles in ePub format.
  • Lucimoo consists of two plugins for the Moodle book module. One plugin that provides functionality to import material from ePub ebooks into a book in the Moodle book module, and another plugin that provides functionality to export books from the Moodle book module as ePub ebooks.

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