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Manga books (a term originating from Japan) are similar to Comic books in the USA.


[edit] Description

Manga books are rather thick paperback books with collections of lots of graphic stories. Each story is similar to an American comic book, and whereas many of them are geared toward young audiences (around 9-13 years old), many contain themes that are aimed at older individuals (older teenagers to adults).

[edit] Comparison

Manga books are typically black and white images and lower resolution using text bubbles with larger characters. They lend themselves easily to standard eBook readers.

USA Comic books generally are in color and have very small print. USA comic books typically need a zoom mode to be read on smaller screens. They also require good gray scale capability or color.

[edit] Formats

Manga eBooks consist of images (often JPG) are usually formatted as PDF files or maybe in CBR and CBZ format if there is a Reader available for the target platform. DJVU would also be a good choice. A CBC file can be used to collect CBR or CBZ files into one file.

[edit] Creating Manga

  • Managa Studio
  • CBZ creator can create an eBook in CBZ or PDF format from a folder full of images.
  • MangAI is an image processing application designed to prepare manga scans for optimal display on an eBook reader.

[edit] Kindle Versions

Kindle Manga Reader

[edit] Genre

As you would expect Manga has genre as well. Here are some samples of Japanese genre.

  • Shoujo (loosely translated as girl or young woman) involving complex storylines and characterization.
  • Shonen (the male equivalent) stories in that category tend to be more focused on action.
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