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Marvell is a chip making company that has decided to focus on eBook Readers in their latest design.



[edit] Overview

This new eBook chip, the Armada 166E, runs at more than a gigahertz and is based on the Armada 100 series chip designs. The chips are based on the ARM microprocessor designs, which are shipping in 600 million Marvell-based chips each year.

This chip set is called "a complete solution for e-books" by the company. The chips include wireless circuitry, along with power management chips, and a controller chip for the E Ink display along with the ARM based microprocessor.

While this chip set focuses on E Ink they also produce an ARMADA 100 version with a built-in LCD controller. They can also build-in Ethernet and 2D graphics hardware accelerator.

The Marvell® PXA168 processor is the flagship device in Marvell’s ARMADA™ 100 series of application processors targeted at mass market opportunities in computing and consumer devices. It balances high computing and multimedia performance with low power consumption to support extended battery life, and includes a wealth of integrated peripherals to reduce overall BOM cost. It features highspeed DDR RAM with L2 cache and the WMMX2 SIMD co-processor. The Marvell ARMADA 168 is based on a new innovative architecture that delivers the processing capabilities of an entry-level laptop to instant-on, digital consumer devices by enabling full-featured web surfing, Internet widgets, multi-format video, Adobe Flash Lite-based content playback, image processing, video conferencing and advanced graphical user interfaces (GUIs) – at consumer price points with ultra-low power for longer battery life.

The ARMADA 610 integrates a high performance, low power EPD display controller. By integrating the controller, the ARMADA 610 can drive EPD displays at up to 5x the speed of software based or external EPD display controllers. This enables applications, such as HD IP cameras, full HD camcorders and HD video playback, and high performance eReaders which do not suffer from page turn lag, that were previously impossible for this class of device.

[edit] Specifications

  • ARMADA 100 series: high-performance Sheeva™ CPU cores running up to 1.2 GHz
  • Peripheral integration: 5-in-1 card reader (SDIO), USB host and OTG clients.
  • RAM: option of either low-power Mobile DDR or low-cost DDR2 memory
  • ARMv5 ISA and XScale compliant
  • The WMMX2 co-processor is targeted at MPEG-4 720P video at 30 fps, and other multimedia tasks.

[edit] OS support

Linux and Windows Embedded CE6.0r2, r3; Adobe Flash Lite w/sample GUI and widgets; Android

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