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[edit] Windows 8 Version

The current version of Microsoft Reader is bundled with Windows 8 and reads/displays PDF, TIFF, and XPS files. More information is available at the Windows Store.

[edit] LIT Version

Notice: Microsoft discontinued Microsoft Reader effective August 30, 2012, which included download access of the Microsoft Reader application from the Microsoft Reader website. It can still be found using a search engine link.

[edit] Overview

Microsoft Reader also known as MS Reader is an eBook reader that is shipped with most installations of Pocket PC and is freely downloadable from Microsoft (2014 link). Versions are available for Windows PC's, Tablet PC's, and Pocket PC's running Windows Mobile operating system. Windows Mobile 6.0 is not supported. They have a special version for UMPC devices using their Tablet software.

The reader is designed to read eBooks identified with the .lit extension only. The Microsoft web site is also a place you can purchase and find free eBooks for this reader, as well as many other sites. It seems the Microsoft site has tried to find a huge number of books in this format at their web site.

The reader software is not available on very many platforms but software does exist that can translate .lit files into other formats.

Users of Word 2000 or later can convert simple Word DOC files to LIT format for use with this reader. The Reader itself was originally released in August of 2000.

[edit] Reader Features

Features of this reader include: table of Contents support, clicking links in the document to traverse the document, dictionary support by clicking on a word in the text (requires free dictionary download from Microsoft), image support, clear type font support, annotation support including bookmarks, highlighting, notes and drawings. You can also copy text to your clipboard. The eBooks are compressed to minimize the disk space requirements. DRM is supported but requires that the reader be activated using a Microsoft passport login. Text to speech is a feature of PC version and the PPC and PC version supports audible books from

  • ClearType - Patented ClearType display technology revolutionizes on-screen reading.
  • Bookmarks - Add electronic bookmarks and use them in powerful ways.
  • Improved Navigation - Move easily with your keyboard, mouse, or stylus.
  • Library - Catalogue all your eBooks in your personalized "home page."
  • Find - Search for text in any eBook.
  • Notes - Add your own notes to any page.
  • Font Size - Create large-print eBooks.
  • Drawings - Create free-form drawings on your eBook pages.
  • Rotate and Resize (Tablet PC and Pocket PC) Take full advantage of your Tablet PC or Pocket PC in either landscape or portrait modes.
  • Annotations - Store all your annotations in a single location.
  • Pan and Zoom Graphics (Tablet PC and Pocket PC) - Zoom in to get a close-up view of graphics and pictures.
  • Highlights - Call attention to a word or a passage, and find it any time.
  • Dictionary - Look up words as you read.
  • Audible support including TTS on some platforms.

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