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NEC is the only major manufacturer of the larger HPC Pro format machines still producing new models. Their latest model is the MobilePro 900, and it is available in the USA, but not in Europe.

[edit] Introduction

The MobilePro 900 has a 640 x 240 (1/2 VGA), 8.1” diagonal “letterbox” display which is sufficiently bright but washes out in sunlight (like other HPC displays and most Pocket PCs). The brightness and contrast can be adjusted from the keyboard without the aid of a function key. The fully integrated keyboard is truly touch-typable and eliminates the need for an external keyboard and the set up process. Like all MobilePros, the keyboard is 92% of notebook size and has great tactile feel and good travel.

It weighs about 1.8 pounds with a standard battery; for those who don't mind the bit of extra weight, the extended battery is worth every ounce. The MobilePro 900 is able to take advantage of many USB peripherals currently on the market, creating a true mobile office. Many USB peripherals, including USB hubs, mouse, keypads and fly lights do not require drivers, making them true plug and play.

The 900 runs under the WinCE 3.0 OS while the 900c features the newer .NET 4.2 release.

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