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Here is a guide to get OTG devices working with your Boox.
I am not responsible for any damage you do to your device or ereader. Do it at your own risk. Read CAREFULLY the ORIGINAL source before doing it.


[edit] Overview

[edit] Issue

The Boox does not provide power to the otg devices when they are connected via an OTG connector. Hence they don't show up/work.

[edit] Solution

If the USB device is externally powered, using a powered USB Hub, or a modified OTG cable, it works !!

  • What works: Keyboard, Mouse, Pendrive (external storage), etc
  • With which model: My C67ML Carta supports it. Its pretty old, yours should to.

No root, code needed.

[edit] GUIDE

  • 1. Buy a usb hub like this which supports providing external power by a 5V DC adapter. OR
  • 2. Modify your OTG cable to supply power from another power source to the USB device.

(Device refers to the USB device like Keyboard, dongle, etc. Onyx refers to the eReader. Don't confuse the 2 terms.)

Read this thread *carefully*. This is the original source.

and this one

[edit] Short steps

Needed: 1xOTG cable and 1xUSB cable with a Male USB port.

  1. Strip a small portion of the wire covering of the OTG cable (in the middle) to expose the 4 wires within.
  2. Let the data cables remain connected (green and white)
  3. Cut the black and red power wires.
  4. Make sure the power wires coming from the eReader side don't short together.
  5. Cut another USB cable in half to reveal the 4 wires. Strip the ends of the red and black wires connected to the MALE USB end. Leave G & W, we don't need them.
  6. The red and black wires going towards the USB device (on the OTG cable) need to be connected with the red and black wires we just stripped (USB cable). MATCH the colours.
  7. The MALE USB end will go into a power source and power the USB device, while the data from the USB Device will go to the eReader via OTG cable. Understood ?

[edit] Notes

  • Make sure all the cables are working (Data and power wise) before cutting them.
  • Check first by powering a usb light or something, which will blink/light up when being powered. Don't go testing with the Hard disk that stores the original copy of your childhood pics.
  • First test with a laptop/PC as a power source. Reason below.
  • Test first on a mobile which supports OTG to know if the cable is really working. Preferably on an old useless mobile which you wont regret frying if the cable is shorted.
  • Don't let the wires touch each other. Insulate the ends with an electric tape.

If all looks good, only then test it on your eReader.

[edit] Points why it might not be working

  1. Connect all the shield wires together. I don't know why, but in one of my cables, it dosent work without the shields connected. In some cables, the shield is connected to the ground, maybe that's why.
  2. Power the cable via laptop/PC port first, while testing. The new chargers and powerbanks dont register the small current required by the USB devices, and dont supply power to them. If your cable is getting powered by with laptops port, but not your powerbank, look at #Work around.

All this has been mentioned in the forums previously. Someone said that the reason Onyx stopped providing power to the OTG is to prevent the battery from dying completely. I will try to find those posts. Thank them for discovering the OTG capabilities.

[edit] Work around


[edit] For more information

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