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The Sony PRS-T1 uses a standard USB 5V charger with a 1 Amp capacity for charging in the minimum time. The Sony Accessory is Reader Wi-Fi AC Adapter model PRSA-AC10 which can be used while reading or to charge the device.

[edit] Compatible wall chargers for the Sony PRS-T1

Please keep alphabetical order using brand name, model.

  • Amazon Kindle Reader charger
  • Apple USB Charger (The flat one)
  • Asus AC Adaptor 5-15V, 2-1.2A (Comes with Asus Transformer TF101)
  • Blackberry PSMO4R-050CHW1(M)(for 8520 and some others) 5V/700mA
  • Duracell battery charger with USB port 5V 500mA Model# CEF 23
  • Flextronics Model A00810 (Kindle 3 Wall Charger)
  • HP LPS AC/DC ADAPTOR 5,3V/2A (Comes with HP Touchpad)
  • HP PSB05R-050Q 5V/1A Reader will reboot after first connection (Comes with HP 6815 smartphone)
  • HTC TC E250, 5V/1A
  • HTC Any original charger (micro usb by default)
  • HUAWEI HW-050100E1W (comes with huwaei ideos/t-mobile comet)
  • ITE STC-A220 (comes with ZTE Blade smartphone)
  • Jawbone AC/DC Adapter model SPA-K901 (comes with the Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset)
  • Kodak Adapter K20 1x USB 5V 1A (comes with KODAK Playsport camera and several other KODAK devices)
  • LG Dare VX9700 Cell Phone Travel Charger (Amazon ASIN: B002S8Z070), 5.5V/800mA
  • LG Travel Adapter for GU295 (Output: 5.1V/0.7A)
  • Logitech Performance Mouse MX
  • Motorola SPN5504/SKN5004A micro-USB Home and Travel Charger (Droid OEM charger, 5.1v/850 mA)
  • Motorola DC4050EV0301 micro-USB Home and Travel Charger (DEFY OEM charger, 5.1v/850 mA)
  • Muvit Travel Charger Micro USB Model # MUACC0027
  • my|phone Travel Charger BMT30UC (Output: 5V/500mA)
  • Nokia AC10E (comes with E52) 5V/1200mA
  • Nokia AC-16 (comes with Lumia smartphones) 5V/1000mA
  • Nook (classic) wall charger
  • Palm AC/DC Adapter PIN: 157-10124-00 (comes with Palm Pixi phone) Output: 5V/1.0A
  • Samsung Travel Adapter (EU), Model ETA0U10EBE, 5V/0.7A
  • Samsung Travel Adapter (EU), Model ETA0U10UBE, 5V/0.7A
  • Sony Ericsson CST-80 (comes with Xperia X10), 5V/0.7A
  • Sony Ericsson EP800 (comes with Xperia pro), 5V/850 mA

[edit] Incompatible wall chargers

  • Apple USB Power Adapter
  • Belkin USB Wall Charger for iPhone
  • Belkin Universal USB Wall Charger
  • Coby usb wall charger (ca81)
  • Gear4 Micro PG494 UK Charger (For iPod/iPhone)
  • goobay 42194 1x1A / 2x500mA (Pollin 350867), flat white case (this one actually works on one port when doing the data pins modification of EN 62684 less-than 200 Ohm resistor on one port)
  • goobay 513950 "TRAVEL CHARGER" "DC 5V/500mA", "TRA USB - 230V (2xUSB) 1A sw. FLAT" (Conrad), WEEE Nr. 82 89 86 22, larger black case (not tested yet, but probably doesn't work since it does not have the EN 62684 data line resistors, and worse, as opposed to goobay 42194 it's more or less not solderable since the PCB seems to be somewhat more strongly affixed to the power plug connector)
  • hama TA-03A 1
  • iLuv iAD517
  • Konig IPD-Power40 2x USB 5V 0.5A
  • Muvit USB Travel Charger (output DC 5V / 1A)
  • POWY TCUUSB - SDL5527 (replacement charger for Android HTC)
  • Tinpec RG-AAC210
  • Sony AC-S508U (comes with Sony MZ-RH1 minidisc recorder)
  • Veho VAA-003

[edit] Compatible car chargers

  • Duracell battery charger with USB port 5V 500mA Model# CEF 23 (Comes with car charging adapter)
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