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PerfectEpub is an Open Office extension that allows you to find and fix, in text files, a large amount of formatting errors resulting from incorrect formatting when writing , scans or conversions of formats , such as PDF. PerfectEpub dramatically reduces the time of writing an essay and increases the quality of the same.

[edit] Overview

PerfectEpub, created by Sisifone, is the natural heir and combination of MyTXTcleaner and MyBookCleaner, and extends their task of cleaning the text by adding many powerful options.

[edit] Features

From the web site: The main functions of PerfectEpub are:

  • Removing unwanted end sections
  • Removing double spaces
  • Removing spaces at the beginning or end of paragraphs
  • Converting tabs to spaces
  • Correction of the spaces around punctuation and parentheses
  • Replacing character with three dots ellipses
  • Removing dashes optional
  • Separation of dialogues accompanied
  • Removing blank lines in different ways
  • Removing dashes at the end of paragraph
  • Correction of words with dashes function dictionary
  • Identification of potentially misspelled words with dictionary
  • Recognition and automatic formatting of headers

Each function can be launched automatically on any document or ask for confirmation for every occasion, can be used individually or in a group with other functions. You can use the keyboard to confirm whether or not the corrections, which further speeds up the process.

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