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PixelQi is a fabless developer of a new class of screens that use standard LCD manufacturing materials and processes.


[edit] Overview

Their first product - a 10.1" screen is now available for mini-laptops, multi-touch tablets and ebook readers. The readability and legibility of our new screens rival the best e-paper available today. What's new about our screens:

  • fast video rate update (refresh),
  • fully saturated color at low pricing because we use standard manufacturing materials, processes and factories.
  • 1/2 to 1/4 the power of a regular LCD screen, and when integrated carefully with the device can increase battery life between charges by 5-fold.
  • You can use our screens in laptops outside in bright sunlight.
  • Dual Display: A full color: LCD transmissive mode; a low-power, sunlight-readable, reflective e-paper mode; and a transflective mode, which makes the LCD display visible in sunlight, all in One!
  • Reflective e-paper mode offers 3x resolution compared to the full color mode. This is achieved by using all the color pixels in gray scale.

PixelQi is the technology behind the screen used on the One Laptop Per Child portable computer. It is also used on Sol Computers. The above 10.1" and a 7" display.

[edit] Specifications

Typical Specifications from One Laptop per child

  • Liquid-crystal display: 7.5” Dual-mode TFT display;
  • Viewing area: 152.4mm × 114.3mm;
  • Resolution: 1200 (H) × 900 (V) resolution (200 DPI);
  • Monochrome display: High-resolution, reflective sunlight-readable monochrome mode; Color display: Standard-resolution, Quincunx-sampled, transmissive color mode;
  • LCD power consumption: 0.1 Watt with backlight off; 0.2–1.0 Watt with backlight on;
  • The display-controller chip (DCON) with memory that enables the display to remain live with the processor suspended; the display and this chip are the basis of our extremely low power architecture; the display controller chip also enables deswizzling and anti-aliasing in color mode.

The specifications for the Adam display (a Web Tablet)

  • 10.1" TFT Liquid Crystal Display module with LED backlight unit
  • WSVGA (1024 x 600 pixels) resolution
  • Transmissive, transflective, and reflective display modes
  • Capacitive touch panel with multi-touch
  • Matt finish/ Anti glare Coating
  • Scratch resistant and Finger print resistant surface

Comparison of PixelQi from their web site


[edit] 3qi display

The 3qi display merges EPD with LCD in a single display. See Engadget report.

[edit] Pixel Qi Monitor

Sol Computer sells a Pixel Qi Monitor with an adapter board for $550. The adapter card allows it to be used as a second or replacement monitor via the computer USB port. This seems to be a 10" screen with an adjustable backlight. The description from the web site says:

  • "Like standard back-lit LCD displays, Pixel Qi displays renders quality full-color images, full-motion video, and high screen brightness. However, in environments with high ambient light levels, the Pixel Qi Display’s reflective mode contributes to the image, allowing the backlight to be turned down or off. This unique capability delivers significant power savings, an attractive screen and a comfortable reading experience, with very high resolution in the bright sun. Because of the ability to work in the reflective mode, the backlight can be turned completely off making the display perfect for people who suffer from computer vision syndrome as it’s easy on the eyes."

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