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Playaway makes it simple to circulate audiobooks, eBooks, videos, interactive learning tools, and apps on pre-loaded devices.

Sample Audio book


[edit] Overview

Playaway has branched out from its original idea of audiobooks. They now sell several hardware products include the audioplayer, a video player, a children tablet, and an eBooks reader. All are preloaded with content.

The advantage is security, ease of use, and the ability to pass around the unit for multiple users.

[edit] Audio

Play away began as a portable service for audio books. recorded books is a portable device containing an audio book preloaded. You only need headphones to use it.

Playaway has the equivalent of a CD for the eBook contained inside. Some Public libraries offer this service for audio books. The unit is palm sized and only weighs 6 oz. It uses one user replaceable AAA battery which lasts about 20 hours. Bookmarks are supported on some models.

Buttons include: Play/Pause, Power on/off, Equalizer, fast forward, reverse, narration speed (shuffle for music), volume up, volume down.

CD's and CD's full of MP3 files are also available. Recorded books also have e-magazines and eBooks available.

[edit] Launchpad

Launchpad pre-loaded tablets for kids, teens, and adults are immediately ready to circulate and made to pass from one set of hands to the next.

[edit] View

The all-in-one video player that makes digital movies, shows, and award-winning educational programming accessible without the need for DVDs, downloads or a personal device. Content also available on Launchpad.

The Lock

[edit] Lock

The touch screen eReader built for circulation and pre-loaded with curated collections of popular, best-selling, and classic eBooks your patrons will love. Playaway Lock eReaders are immediately ready to circulate and require no staff maintenance between checkouts.

[edit] Features

  • Safe and secure: Content is pre-loaded and secured onto every Playaway Lock eReader, allowing patrons to access eBooks without the risk of manipulation or exposure to unintended content.
  • Intuitive experience: The device’s backlit touchscreen and customizable settings are simple to use — making it perfect for patrons regardless of age or technical capability.
  • Best-in-class features: Playaway Lock is durable, lightweight, fast, and designed with features that place it among the best eReaders on the market.
  • Includes carrying case and charger — everything you need to build your Playaway Lock collection.

Trusted by the U.S. Military and ready for you. Playaway Lock is currently in circulation with the Navy General Library Program, United States Marine Corps Security Guard, and the United States Air Force HQ. See NeRD.

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