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The Popelli Reader is an eBook reader for the WebOS (Palm Pre) currently supporting Text, HTML, Mobipocket (PRC), Microsoft Reader (LIT), PalmDoc (PDB) and EPub formatted books.

[edit] Features

  • On device library management. Add books to library, delete from library, edit title and author.
  • Bookmarks, bookmark management, and jump to any location in the book.
  • Auto-scroll with variable speed, or "flick" up or down to move through the book. The on-screen arrow keys adjust the speed of the Auto-scroll. Right arrow key speeds the scroll and left arrow key slows the scroll.
  • "Flick" pages left or right, or use on screen arrow keys to read page by page.
  • Search capability by word or phrase.
  • Dictionary look up of a word with multiple dictionary choices.
  • Full array of adjustable preferences: Font Size, Text Color, Background Color, Screen Orientation, "Flick" Paging (On/Off), and more
  • Full-screen mode for complete immersion
  • Support for multiple eBook formats, including Text, HTML, Mobipocket, ePUB, Microsoft Reader and PalmDOC.

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