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[edit] Kindle

[edit] Accuracies

  • Opening from Dropbox on iPad accurate preview of Kindle for iPad

[edit] Inaccuracies

  • Emailing to device causes KF8 to be converted to old .mobi
  • Kindle Fire Previewer makes screen (and font, etc.) look larger than actual device

[edit] Cache Issues

  • Kindle for PC: delete old file before opening updated file; a changed cover will not appear changed in library thumbnail

[edit] Nook

[edit] Accuracies

  • Side-loading effective

[edit] Inaccuracies

  • Opening from Dropbox inside Nook Color completely different from sideloading.

[edit] iBooks

[edit] Accuracies

  • Opening from Dropbox on iPad gives accurate preview

[edit] Side-loading Cache Issues

  • Add comment on bottom of .opf page to view changes accurately

[edit] Kobo

  • Side-loading different from downloading from store. Store download is in kepub format while side-loading is ePub.
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