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Put Python on your Amazon Kindle hardware.


[edit] House Keeping

[edit] Warning

First, a quick warning, as with any hacking or development on the kindle, doing this you may accidentally brick (to render unusable) your kindle, so be careful

I recommend starting by reading Kindle Touch Hacking

[edit] What will it do?

This will allow you to customize the screensavers (or sleep screens) used by your Kindle, replacing them either with your choice of images, the cover of the last book you opened or a simple unobtrusive overlay.

[edit] Disclaimer

What you do with this information is totally your own lookout. I will accept no responsibility for bricked kindles, your amazon account being blocked, or your kindle blocked from amazon. I will however, offer this advice:

  1. Don't run a script to break the law. The quickest way to get your device blocked would be to write/run a python script designed to get free access to books illegally, or trying to circumvent the Kindle "Special Offers"
  2. NEVER run a script from an untrusted/unknown source... Even me... Python is an easy to read language, if you don't know where a script has come from, or what it does, open it up in a text editor and read it.
  3. Don't let a script edit root files. Personally, don't let it edit anything outside of its own folder in /mount/us/extensions/***

[edit] Final Note

There are some files to download and install for this project to work. All links are current and correct at the time of writing. However, they may change, please always double check, and check against your kindle version. Again, I take no responsibility for what you do to your Kindle.

[edit] Stage 1 - Install Python

Installing python on your Kindle is simple. NiLuJe has made a nice install package in the forum, so go get the right version for your kindle Once you've got the file, copy it into your "mrpackages" folder, and install it through the KAUL menu option.

And there you have it, you have just installed python on your kindle. Easy as pi

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