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Resources for Visually Impaired and Blind. See also the Category:Blind


[edit] Web sites

[edit] Screen Readers Info This is info on software\Hardware that can read computer screens

[edit] KNFL Reader APP

The easy-to-use KNFB Reader app converts any text to speech or Braille instantly and accurately. (Not Free)

[edit] Visual Aids by HumanWare

[edit] Reader Pen Scanner A Pen that scans words on a page and reads them to you. This is pretty amazing actually. Recommended by someone who uses it.

[edit] Comments

  • Rehab counselors can help people connect with victor stream (not a free item but a good rehab counselor should be able to get it)
  • Library for the blind has a device also and a large selection of books. (Free just need a doctor to state a person is blind or visually impaired)
  • A local NFB would be helpful in finding help also. They often have companies that will show screen readers and magnifying devices.
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