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Rss2book is a Windows (.net 2.0) program which converts RSS feeds to HTML pages or (more typically) PDF files (the latter with the help of htmldoc). rss2book aggregates RSS feeds from several sources to special formats that are optimized for usage in mobile devices (like the Sony PRS500). It is a application.

rss2book can import/export settings for different sites in XML feed files.

[edit] Web2Book

This program makes formatted HTML, RTF, LRF or PDF files from RSS feeds, Web sites, Project Gutenberg books, Wikipedia entries, Crossword Compiler crossword, Microsoft Reader .LIT files, and other sources. PDF output is in iso-8859-15 character set, so some European languages are supported. The output files can be saved on your PC or synced directly to the Sony PRS-500 e-Book Reader over USB. Daily updates can be scheduled to make archived copies of websites and RSS feeds. This program uses .net framework.

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