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If you want to scan books there are many models available. Some require taking the book apart while some attempt to scan the book without damaging it.

Scanners usually include a OCR program to aid in converting a book to an eBook but these are often lower end products. Scan Tailor may be useful to help clean up a scanned file.


[edit] Edge scanners

that scan very close to one edge of the scanner

[edit] Portable Scanners

  • Planon docupen is a pen scanner.
  • Flip-Pal can be placed over a 4 x 6" portion of a page. Stitching software is included to create a larger image from several scans.
  • HandyScan Handheld Scanner can scan 300 or 600 bpi and you just move the scanner over the page. Stores in an on-board micro-SD card.
  • VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner
  • iConvert Portable Document and Photo Scanner

[edit] Photographic Scanners

  • is attached to a laptop (portable stand included for desktop use) to capture photos that are then processed by software on the laptop (including OCR). While it is like an 8Mpixel camera it is optimized and intended for scanning use (equivalent to 300bpi) but can serve other uses.

[edit] Page Scanners

If you are willing to take the book apart an automatic feed page scanner may the best way to go.

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