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Smashwords - Is an eBook store and Free publishing service allowing Indie authors and publishers to upload source manuscripts in Word files which can be converted to eBooks for the Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket ePub, eReader, and RTF.

[edit] For Readers

Smashwords provides an opportunity to discover new voices in all categories and genres of the written word. Once you register, the site offers useful tools for search, discovery and personal library-building, and each week we add new features based on feedback from members.

They offer multi-format, DRM-free ebooks, ready for immediate sampling and purchase, and readable on any e-reading device. Smashwords supports OPDS.

[edit] For Authors

Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution platform for eBook authors, publishers and readers.

  • At Smashwords, our authors and publishers have complete control over the sampling, pricing and marketing of their written works.
  • Smashwords is ideal for publishing novels, short fiction, poetry, personal memoirs, monographs, non-fiction, research reports, essays, or other written forms that haven’t even been invented yet.
  • It's free to publish and distribute with Smashwords.
  • A comprehensive Style Guide is available for download.
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