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SoftSnow Merger is a program to merge multiple HTML or TXT files into one. Having a single file is convenient as some eBook Readers that support HTML do not support multiple files. It may also make management easier.

[edit] Features

  • Graphical interface
  • Select as many input files as required
  • Drag and drop integration with Windows
  • Strip out redundant header/footer sections from HTML files
  • Special handling for files issued by a user called Nadie, e.g. converts external links to internal.
  • Special handling for Baen ebook files.

This utility requires Windows

[edit] vHtmlMerger

A similar program is available under the name: vHtml Merger. The following features are supported:

  • Use either Table of Contents (toc) or multi html files.
  • Support for CSS (internal to generated file or external to .css file).
  • Support for scripts.
  • Select a toc html file or multi html files. For multi html files check [Multi HTML Files].
  • For multi html files you have the option to change the order. Use the arrow buttons.
  • When ready click [Merge] button.
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