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It would seem that the low power requirements of e-paper devices would be ideal for solar powered use. Here are some articles on such devices.


[edit] Overview

Actually, if you think about it, eBook readers are close to ideal for solar power since compared to most consumer electronics, they use very little power That being said, you probably would have to strip them of extra features like Wi-Fi (or at least limit its use).

[edit] New Announcements

The following links show new devices that are solar powered.

[edit] Do it yourself

[edit] Technology

A new display announced by AUO shows a flexible Solar Powered ePaper device. This unit integrates the solar panels into the display itself.

[edit] Currently available chargers

Of course there are plenty of solar chargers available to charge a traditional device when you are away from the power grid. Here are a few:

  • features lots of solar chargers for cell phones and other portable devices.
  • Sundance Solar - sells chargers and provides good technical information on requirements for portable devices.
  • Free energy shop - sells solar chargers, solar gadgets at free shipping rates and provides fast customer support.

[edit] Discussion

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