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This is a particularly old list that tries to pin down problems with using full capacity of memory cards. The problem seems to be a limit to the number of supported eBooks which is about 16K eBook titles rather than a limit to the memory supported as well as issues on early firmware.


[edit] Working Memory Sticks

  • Lexar 128MB
  • SanDisk Pro 128MB
  • SanDisk Pro Duo 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
  • Sony Pro Duo 4GB (not confirmed if the full 4GB can be accessed

[edit] MS Working with Restrictions

  • Sony Pro Duo 4GB (can not access data beyond 2GB boundary. Only first 2 GB can be read)

[edit] Working SD cards

Can you prove your Reader can use the whole card? Please fill-test >2G.

  • Canon 16MB (SDC-16M)
  • Corsair 133x 2GB
  • Kingston 512MB
  • Kingston 1GB (knock-off)
  • Kingston 2GB
  • Panasonic 16MB
  • Panasonic 64MB
  • Panasonic 256MB
  • Patriot 2GB
  • PNY Technologies 1GB
  • PNY Technologies 2GB (P-SD2G-RF3)
  • PQI 1GB
  • Ritek Ridata 150x 4GB
  • SanDisk 2GB
  • Sandisk microSD 2GB (via SD Adapter)
  • SanDisk 1GB
  • SanDisk 128MB (seems to drain power)
  • Transcend 1GB
  • Viking 256MB

[edit] Working with Restrictions

If you have updates on any of these cards, please let us know!

  • Kingston 2GB
  • Transcend 4GB works up to 2GB. Beyond 2GB you will receive an error.
  • Kingston Elite Pro 4G (knock-off) Minimal usability [1]. Reader can't use all 4G. Too full and Connect fails.

[edit] Not Working

  • Danelec Brand 512mb Not working in Reader.
  • SanDisk 4GB
  • Kingston 2GB miniSD (Reader will restart again and again)

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