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Hi all,

Just looking for clarification on a single point about iBook rendering. If I specify landscape-only in my file will that assure me that the line breaks in the lovely poetry stanzas in my book will remain exactly there even if someone rotates the devices itself to portrait view? Of course, I assume that is what "lock" means. Also, I have the following designations:

<option name="open-to-spread">false</option>
<option name="orientation-lock">landscape-only</option>
<option name="fixed-layout">true</option>

please hold my hand and just say yes :)

This question is better answered in the MobileRead forum on Apple products, or ePub. --DaleDe (talk) 11:56, 18 October 2014 (EDT). I will leave it here for now but it will be removed or moved to a better place.

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