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[edit] Statistics

Statistics on this page can be seen at: Page Statistics#9 Free eBooks

[edit] Clean-up?

Sites like with content of questionable quality are hardly worth listing here. What do you think, is it time to go through the list and clean up sites like the aforementioned?

This is an interesting question. I tend not to judge the sites referenced except to see if they are on topic or not. If we start judging then what are the rules for judging? I try and treat the wiki like the forum and avoid judging when I can. I do move some references in this page to specialized section if they don't have general appeal. As to the specific site I would hope it gets better over time. It seems to be just starting and no where near has the thousands of books claimed. --DaleDe 13:31, 10 October 2011 (EDT)

Good point about not judging, and I agree in most cases it shouldn't be necessary. In the specific case, I am not so sure if the site is even on topic though (other than the domain name that is ;)). If you go to that site and click on a category in the left navigation, in most cases you find blanks. The "legal" and "privacy policy" links in the footer point to nowhere. WHOIS information is hidden. The few "books" that are onsite are short howto manuals or texts on affiliate marketing in PDF format. Through Google you can find other similar sites with the same kind of content of questionable value, and listing them IMHO diminishes the value of the majority of other real e-book sites listed here. --Alexander 17:04, 10 October 2011 (EDT)

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