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So I have a stolen Kindle, the thief is using it, I call Amazon to disable the account. The thief can still register it? Is that the height of greed or what! Amazon has the serial number. They can just not allow it to be re registered until you tell them it has been returned. They would be dealing with stolen property at that point. I would hope they could be prosecuted for it.

[edit] Kindle dictionary support: Unable to install custom dictionary

I asked Amazon regarding the addition of a custom dictionary (in my case, a medical dictionary). See the email exchange copied below. --Jcarroll 14:10, 2 September 2011 (EDT)

Add a dictionary?
Date: Aug 23 2011 - 2:38pm 

Kindle Developers,

Thank you for inviting feedback on your product. I have a question. I
have looked on the Kindle forums and searched Google, without success.

The Kindle comes with three dictionaries, which is wonderful. My question
is, "What would it take to add a fourth?" I'd like to add a medical
dictionary to my eBook reader. And I'm not talking about getting a
dictionary to read like a book. 

Screenshot: ([ original

Thank you,

James Carroll

Chiropractic Student
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