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[edit] Statistics

Statistics for this page are at: Page Statistics#7 Kindle Serial Numbers

[edit] Serial of PC client?

Where can I find the internal serial of the PC client/app?

[edit] 00D2

FYI, not sure what kind of Kindle I have, but the Serial # starts "00D2" and it has 1G of memory.

I'll update here if I figure out anything further.

UPDATE: According to this source I actually have more memory, but an artificial limit is imposed by the OS on apps and books not obtained from the Kindle Store.

[edit] B023 / 9023

I just bought a Kindle NoTouch Black - in Germany - and it's serial begins with 9023. Maybe this is a region specific serial?

I also bought a Kindle NoTouch Black - in France - and it's serial begins with 9023.

Hey, I bought mine in July 2014 in Romania, also 9023. It was with ads. A few months later I entered chat support on amazon and they were kind enough to accept to remove the ads remotely based on my suggestion that most if not all of those ads were restricted to US residents anyway.

[edit] 905A - PW2 WiFi from Japan

PW2 in Japan has 4GB of available flash memory (3,1+ GB for user data). Might be the different serial?

[edit] B0C6 / 90C6

I've just received a Japanese model and it's listed as 90C6.

Looks like the "90" models are international ones?

[edit] 90C6

I ordered my "Kindle - 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi (Black)" which I think is the Kindle Touch Basic on the forum, in March 2015 on the Indian Amazon store.

Serial begins with 90C6, and it came with fw 5.6.5

[edit] B023 / 9023

I received a 9023 as a gift from someone who bought it in China.

Looks like the "90" models are international ones?

[edit] B02A =

I got a Kindle Voyage WiFi + 3G which seams to be asian?? 3G doesn't work in europe

[edit] B0D4 / 90D4

Mine is 90D4 and NOT international (ordered from, delivered to N. California). But it was WITHOUT special offers - maybe this is the 90?

[edit] G0B0GR

I bought a Kindle Oasis 3G + WiFi in Japan, and it's serial begins G0B0GR.

Is it supported in KindleTool 1.6.5 as with KOAGB?

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