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Whispernet is the branded name for Amazon Kindle's wireless data service. It utilizes Sprint's EVDO network, and is used for automatic firmware updates; shopping and downloading from the Kindle bookstore directly from the Kindle, without need of a computer; receiving converted documents; accessing Wikipedia and surfing the web; receiving newspaper, magazine, and blog subscriptions; and using the NowNow search service.


[edit] Coverage

The Whispernet wireless data service covers several major metropolitan areas and travel corridors within the United States and Puerto Rico. Currently the Whispernet service cannot be used in Alaska or Montana as Sprint leases towers from companies that do not support EVDO.

To see if you have coverage in your area, visit

[edit] The Amazon Kindle Store

[edit] Subscriptions

[edit] Document Conversion Service

[edit] Wikipedia

[edit] Firmware Updates

[edit] Experimental

[edit] Basic Web

[edit] Ask Kindle NowNow

[edit] Tips & Tricks

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