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TealDoc is a PalmDOC compatible reader from TealPoint. It supports HTML style enhancements. This program is available for PalmOS only.


[edit] Features

Standard features include editing, search and replace, screen rotation, anti-aliased text, high resolution FontBucket fonts, smooth scrolling, full screen mode, beaming, and direct full support for docs and plain text files stored on external VFS-compatible media cards such as SD/MMC, compact flash, and Memory Stick. Only TealDoc offers all this and supports enhanced documents with HTML-like tags for inserting TealPaint pictures, oversized scrolling bitmaps, hyperlinks, hidden bookmarks, and stylized headers.

This is not a free program. Versions are available in English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.

[edit] Specifications

  • Reads PalmDOC files
  • Reads plain text files
  • Edits PalmDOC files
  • Edits plain text files
  • Advanced search options
  • Search and replace
  • BDicty word lookup
  • System fonts
  • FontBucket fonts (addon font manager)
  • Hires fonts
  • Anti-aliased text
  • Bonus tiny monospaced font
  • Multispeed auto-scroll
  • Screen rotation
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Full screen mode
  • Document beaming
  • Private documents
  • Encrypted documents
  • Embedded TealPaint images (another TealPoint program)
  • Stylized header text
  • Scrollable oversized images
  • Hyper-link buttons
  • Links to external apps/players
  • Includes TealDoc Maker - Windows converter
  • Bookmarks in the style of PalmDOC.
  • Notes and highlighting.

[edit] Data Format

TealDoc uses PalmDOC database format and then adds HTML like tags although they are not html compatible.

[edit] Images

Only images created in TealPaint are supported. The tag looks like:



  • SRC - name of database containing the images.
  • INDEX - The image entry number in the database
  • LINK - optional to link to an oversize image. This will appear when the user taps on the image.

The images shown can be a subset of the full image by specifying a width, height and offset into the database image.

[edit] HRULE


style can also be omitted or marked Solid.

[edit] LINK

To hyperlink to another location in the document or to launch another application.

<LINK TEXT="Press Me" TAG="Contents" FILE="My Novels">

A link is drawn as a box on the screen. Font, Width, Height, X, Y can be indicated. FILE is optional, if omitted then the current document is assumed.

<LABEL NAME="Contents">  

tag target of a link.

[edit] HEADER

  • FONT - optional 0=Normal, 1=Bold, 2=Large
  • STYLE - optional Normal, Underline, Invert
  • ALIGN - optional LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER
  • X - horizontal Screen position
  • Y - vertical position


<BOOKMARK NAME="Contents" >

Add to bookmark list when the document is loaded.

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