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Tolino eBook Reader software is available for all Tolino models and can be automatically downloaded via a wireless connection, free of charge.


[edit] Version 10

New tolino software version 10.0 released for all tolino eBook Readers on 3rd May 2017

An overview of the new functions and improvements in version 10.0 of the tolino eBook Reader software:

  • tolino Vision 4HD: improved settings options for smartLight. We have optimized the menu for our innovative smartLight on the tolino vision 4 HD – making your search for the optimal reading light child’s play. It is now easier to configure the right color temperature on the tolino vision 4 HD using your own individual background light and brightness settings. The updated menu guides you through the selection of your perfect smartLight screen lighting.
  • Completely improved synchronization: faster, better and more reliable. Good news for fans of large eBook libraries and customized collections! With the new tolino eBook Reader firmware update, your collections will now also be synchronized via the tolino Cloud. You can synchronize eBooks that are marked as “read”, which are then flexibly available to you on both other tolino eReaders and the tolino Webreader.
  • Of course, you can keep synchronizing your bookmarks, markings, notes and current reading positions using the tolino Cloud.
  • Simple and secure: conveniently sign out and lend Tolino to others. Do you want to lend your tolino eBook Reader to a friend or family member? No problem: The current version of our eBook Reader software makes this possible too. Simply sign out of your customer account in the options menu in the “My account” area, and you can lend out your eReader right away. All of the eBooks that you have manually copied onto the eReader (not content loaded from the tolino Cloud) will stay available and can also be read by the new user.
The log-in information for your wireless connection and your Adobe ID will also remain saved on your tolino eReader, which means there is nothing standing in the way of your friend testing the joy of reading with tolino.
  • Optimized navigation between browser and eBook (easier to go back your book from the browser by opening a link)
  • Better visualization of your actual reading position in the table of contents (the current chapter is now emphasized visually)
  • A diverse range of smaller improvements, performance optimizations and bug fixes

[edit] Version 11

Released with the Tolino epos

[edit] Version 12

Released with the Tolino Shine 3

  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Dutch (Belgium)
  • Features: Adjustable font size, Selection of fonts, Create own fonts,
  • Create and manage highlights, Add annotations and create notes,
  • Create eBook collections,
  • Integrated dictionary, Integrated translation function,
  • Read in portrait or landscape format,
  • Links in eBooks (EPUB, PDF),
  • Table of contents,
  • Easy bookmarks,
  • Full-text search within eBooks,
  • Easy page navigation,
  • Optimized hyphenation,
  • PDF to text function,
  • Integrated frontlight with smartLight
  • Library checkout

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