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uBooks - ebook reader for iPad

[edit] Overview

You can read any books or documents you have in html, txt, ePub or fb2 (including zipped fb2) formats. Includes support for ePub 3. You can just upload your file via Wi-Fi using simple and easy-to-use methods or use Internet connection.

You can flexibly tune original appearance – changing of the font type, size and color, background color – both for the daily and for nightly modes – are available.

[edit] features:

Supported formats: ePub; FB2; HTML; TXT; FB2 in ZIP. Text Options:

  • Day / Night mode;
  • font size;
  • font type;
  • font / background color ;
  • encoding

Features applications:

  • Smooth autoscroll;
  • animation while navigating through;
  • language of application;
  • customizable tap zones.
  • margins
  • word hyphenation
  • categorized bookshelf
  • Translator

Download books:

  • Wi-Fi - http server;
  • Wi-Fi - ftp server;
  • Built-in Web Browser;
  • iTunes (iOS 4.0 or later)
  • Free and Paid versions.

[edit] For more information

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