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[edit] What is the Unified Ebook Search Engine ?

The Unified Ebook Search Engine (UESE) is a project aiming at unifying all the ebook sellers under one specific implemented search engine API. The reason for this is to minimze the amount of scurrying-around which ebook buyers often have to face when searching for an ebook. The project is driven and maintained by Gianfranco Alongi [1] in cooperation with ebook sellers agreeing to implement the API. The project currently has no official homepage. Witsbits.com sponsors the project with site hosting and storage.

[edit] Goal of the project

  1. Produce an API which ebook sellers may easily implement and thus join the UESE project, becoming available for a growing amount of ebook readers.
  2. Produce a free online search engine where users may search at once among thousands of sellers, and sort the results accordingly as they wish.
  3. Produce a free of use stand alone platform independent search client with the same capabilities as the online search engine.

[edit] Implementations

One of the derivatives of UESE is to create easily used tools and a search page where people may search using the API. One such tool, named JAM is currently released in a beta version, a direct search page is not completed yet.

[edit] Ebook seller? Interested in joining the project?

Mail Gianfranco Alongi on gianfranco (.) alongi (at) gmail.com Write "Unified Ebook Search Engine" in the topic.

[edit] I am an ebook buyer, what do I gain?

The simplicity of searching hundreds, maybe thousands of ebook sellers in one go.

[edit] I am an ebook seller, what do I gain?

The simplicity of only implementing an API which is fairly stable (does not change much), and let the customers do the rest! You waste minimal time implementing the API and become instantly visible to a growing market of customers. And best of all, it's free :)

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