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Device Tables

I'm trying to come up with a way so that we can simplify the maintenance of tables of devices. Especially tables organized by columns are problematical. One solution would be to keep all the info in a database and have a bot create tables. The problem with that is that it makes changes to each model out of the hands of the casual user.

The information for a model is in a subpage under the normal model page. User:Renate/DevAlpha/Info Yes, by using includeonly and noinclude it would be possible to put this info inside the normal model page. The problem is that as the model page is transcluded you would have to save the page twice to ripple the changes through.

The information saved in an Info subpage can be displayed multiple ways. Currently there are three templates: Template:DeviceInfoRow Template:DeviceInfoBox Template:DeviceInfoList This is extensible without altering any Info page by creating Template:DeviceInfoUgly and using {{:User:Renate/DevAlpha/Info|Ugly}} The default format is Box format which is useful to put on the normal model page. The Row format is useful for tables. The matching header is Template:DeviceInfoRowHeader

Here is a preview: User:Renate/Matrix

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