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[edit] How to Install VMware Player on Windows

You will need to download VMware Player from here

VMware will require to fill out a short survey, and then you will be presented with the download screen. Choose Windows (or whatever OS you may be running)

The installation is fairly straight forward. Click next 5 times and you're done.

[edit] Obtaining the Debian 3.1 (Sarge) Virtual Appliance

You can download the Debian Sarge Virtual Appliance here:

To save bandwidth of the host (it may also be quicker), use the BitTorrent link. I recommend utorrent as a client

Once the download has finished, extract the zip file to your hard drive. Open VMware Player, Agree to the Terms of Service, and browse to the virtual machine. It will automatically start.

You may be prompted with a few errors, since the appliance was initially made to run under Linux. Simply click "Ok" to all of them.

[edit] Configuring the Virtual Machine

When the system starts for the first time, it will ask you a few setup questions. Enter the root password, your username and password, and time zone.

When it prompts you for an apt source, select Http or FTP, whichever you prefer.

Eventually, it will ask you to choose the environment you would like to install. Choose the desktop environment, and press enter.

That's all you need. I prefer using Putty to connect to the server, so I can more easily copy/paste commands.

Simply start the ssh server

# /etc/init.d/ssh start

Find out your IP Address

# ifconfig

And connect to the eth0 address from putty.

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