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[edit] Vera and Planet Head, by vivaldirules

We met for brunch late the next morning. It was a strange meeting. And how appropriate to discover a real sidewalk cafe - one with tables that gently rocked on the uneven cobbles beneath us. Embracing couples strolled by us in delusional trances. An odd hush seemed to muffle even the birds that sang from the cherry trees nearby. But none of it mattered - for I was focused on her. Nothing could have torn her from my thoughts. We shared a pear tart that glistened in the sun and gently steamed from the glass plate. But the smell of the exposed fruit reminded me only of her - her warm flesh, its taste and gentle texture that I had probed for hours the night before. From the sight of the graceful curve of her neck touched by her dark brown hair, I could only invision the contours of her luscious body as she motioned passionately. Her simple movements as she ate. All of these sent me reeling. Mental acuity is a requirement for life and mine was nearing its end. My mind was bursting as I approached sensory overload. My head, engorged with emotions, seemingly expanded to the size of a planet. My cranial diodes nearly fused. Vera, if only I could escape you, I would. But my very being - unnatural as it is - is intimately tied to you. Vera. What will I do?

[edit] Thing One and Thing Two, by vivaldirules

You'll remember the Cat in the Hat 
Who got those kids in such trouble. 
They were sent to boarding school 
Right on the double. 

You see, Thing One and Thing Two 
Had eaten all the food. 
The fish finally tattled 
About them being so rude. 

Now the Things are in college 
To learn something new. 
How to be smart about stuff 
And how to think things through. 

But a long week's gone by 
With ice and with cold. 
My girls have struggled hard. 
College life is gettin' old. 

Miss Laura at Drake 
And Miss Sarah at Trinity 
Need to let go some steam 
But not to infinity. 

So try to be nice 
and make not a mess, 
But it's a good time now 
To relieve all that stress. 

Just pack up your books, 
Put away all those notes. 
It's party time now. 
Be sure to wear your coats!

[edit] vivaldirules :

Triflings. Vanities. Indulgences of mine mind.
"I once did think a thunk - thunk a think." <--author?
Trival triflings. Turmoil. Transcendent terror. Irridescent ideas. Idiocy.
Infinite iotas. Impassioned pleas for identity. 
Monumental, meaningless, wallowing.

I once did picture pygmies - punctual and putrid.
They scattered my thoughts across the landscape.
They waylaid my hopes for serenity.
They tattered my woven ideals.
Groundswells of misdeeds oozed from below, contaminating all purity of being.
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