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WeaselReader is a viewer for plain text files on PalmOS devices. Written by John Gruenenfelder ("Foxammemnon"), Weasel was originally called GutenPalm, and began as a reader for Project Gutenberg etexts on Palm devices. It includes a feature to automatically skip over the lengthy boilerplate text found at the beginning of all Gutenberg plain text editions.

Weasel occupies about 140KB of RAM, but can be stored on and run from an expansion card. It can handle Palm "DOC" files and zTXT files. Texts read by Weasel can be in RAM, or stored on an expansion card. Weasel includes the ability to navigate the file system on cards, so etexts read with it can be placed wherever the user prefers.

Weasel supports bookmarks, annotations, and document categories. It can display a document using the full screen (no toolbar), can justify text, rotate the screen, and has adjustable line spacing.

Weasel supports hi-res devices under OS5, and can use the full 320x480 screen on devices with a virtual grafitti area.

WeaselReader is free software, open source under the Gnu Public License.

Weasel may be found here: http://gutenpalm.sourceforge.net/

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