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WebOS was developed by Palm for the Palm Pre. HP bought Palm and is now using it on the HP TouchPad

[edit] Overview

WebOS is a multi-tasking OS designed for web access. It has a fast Web Browser and an OS that refuses to compromise. HP webOS supports Adobe® Flash® Player, so you can access your favorite Flash-based games, videos, and other rich interactive content. You also get the latest technologies like HTML5, including video and geo-location support.

It is designed for Synergy. All content integrates from all sources. All in one place. All your contacts from everywhere come together as one big happy family. Facebook® friends' birthdays show up in their contact files. Work and personal calendars appear side by side.3 IM and text messages are combined into one conversation.

HP webOS uses a simple notification system that informs you when you have a message. The subject of an email or the first few words of a text message will appear at the top of your screen. Then just touch the notification to reply, or save it for later with a swipe.

HP webOS has a print solution that will support all network-capable HP printers that support PCL page description language in the local LAN.

This is the successor to PalmOS.

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