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Encyclopedias are an important resource to have, even when mobile.

[edit] Overview

Wikipedia can be accessed on a mobile reading device either offline or online:

  • Offline Reading: requires to download one or a set of files, which have been converted from the Wikipedia database. This is the case the German version of Wikipedia using MobiPocket Reader or Webaroo. The iPod also has Wikipedia support called encyclopodia. WikiPock provides Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android and Symbian OS offline mobile application in 22 languages.
  • Online Reading : requires a wireless connection to access a given Wikipedia article from the reading device, using via a server proxy. Wikipedia articles can be read either using a mobile web browser or a custom client application. Example include Upvise or Wapedia.

[edit] Different Solutions

Wikipedia content can be accessed from a mobile device or eBook device with the following solutions

  • WikiPock : provides offline access to all Wikipedia articles in 22 languages for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android and Symbian OS mobile phones. Updates are available. Preloaded microSDHC memory card can be shipped. All the articles are stored in your mobile phone's memory.
  • MobiPocket : provides access of the German version of Wikipedia. Works on any platform running Mobipocket Reader, including the Iliad eBook device.
  • Upvise : provides access of the english version of Wikipedia, using a custom mobile application. Available for any Java, Symbian (J2ME), Windows Mobile, Blackberry phones and Google Android.
  • Wapedia : provides access via any mobile web browser from a mobile phone
  • Amazon Kindle : provides access to english version of Wikipedia via Amazon wireless Whispernet network.
  • wikimobile : A Java (j2ME) application for your mobile phone. This tool create a local wiki on your phone.
  • Tome Raider: An eBook reader will good compression, fast referencing, and Wikipedia support on a wide variety of mobile platforms.
  • Wiki2FB2: A conversion tool to convert wiki files to FB2 format for use on eBook Readers.
  • Grab My Books: will create an ePub file from wikipedia or other web sites. It is an addon to Firefox. It can also feed its output to Calibre for conversion to MOBI to use on a Kindle.

[edit] More choices

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