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Wireless is a generic term to for any method of transmission or reception using radio transmission capabilities (radio waves) at radio frequencies (RF). In this wiki the following pages talk about wireless:

  • Cell phone and Smartphone
  • Cellular - data usage of RF.
  • Wi-Fi - Also called WLAN, Wireless Local Area Network or Wireless LAN.
  • WWAN - Wireless Wide Area Network, sometimes call Wireless WAN.
  • Whispernet - Amazon wireless
  • Bluetooth - Another standard for WLAN but with less range. Normally used for point to point communication but may support multiple devices simultaneously.
  • NFC - Near Field Communication
  • Wireless USB - replace the USB cord.
  • UWB Ultra Wide Band RF.

Other devices may compete for the same frequencies and can be used wirelessly. These include:

  • Cordless phones
  • Home weather stations using remote sensors
  • Some dedicated wireless remote controls
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