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WordSmith from BlueNomad is a MS Word compatible editor for PalmOS devices.

[edit] Features

  • 3 products in 1! Includes, a full-featured word processor, free electronic book reader (PalmDOC format) and enhanced memo pad!
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Word (Windows only).
  • Bi-directional conduit for Windows and Mac OS and command-line converters for Windows and Linux/Intel!
  • Excellent keyboard support - supports full speed touch-typing and menu navigation without tapping! Please see Chapter 8 of the WordSmith manual for more info.
  • Ability to print documents with PrintBoy from Bachmann Software, and InStep Print 2.0 from The Instep Group.
  • Cut, copy, paste, multi-paste, select all, undo, redo, find and More!
  • Bold, underline, italics and color fonts - preserved and functional on your organizer!
  • Beam, delete, duplicate, rename, save, save as, abandon changes and More!
  • Paragraph formatting, such as setting page breaks, indents and line spacing!
  • Support for bulleted lists
  • Fast compression of documents during HotSyncs and on demand.
  • Auto-scrolling, pen scrolling and special teleprompter style scrolling for easy viewing of documents.
  • Ability to synchronize documents to multiple computers!
  • Word count and Font styles, sizes and color - preserved and adjustable on the organizer! Even supports background colors, superscript, subscript and strikethrough.
  • Special "go to" feature lets you go to a character, paragraph or certain % of the document!
  • Enhanced AlphaSmart Dana support.
  • Full screen and Tungsten T3 support for FineType Manager
  • Support for 5-way Navigator
  • Memo size warning depending on device and memo size allowed ie: New larger 32k memos allowed on Tungsten T3
  • Tungsten T3 full screen support in WordSmith
  • Windows Installer option for languages
  • New display option to "check if fuzzy" for FineType font display (reverses RGB order for clearer display on high resolution displays)
  • Pocket purchase updating and purchasing option added to WordSmith
  • Landscape mode support for the Tapwave device
  • PC right-click (Windows) on documents option "Add to WordSmith"
  • CIC's WordComplete compatibility
  • FlashROM support for OS 5 devices allows WordSmith to run from Flash
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