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Word add-in is an ePub creation tool by by Toxaris with all kinds of procedures to help with creating eBooks. It requires MS Word 2007 or newer.

[edit] Overview

This free MS Word add-in ‘ePUB Tools’ is a toolkit that will help you create eBooks from MS Word documents. With these tools the document can be cleaned and corrected. Not only can a lot of OCR errors be found and fixed, but also checked if dialogue/quotations have both an opening and closing quote. See OCR villains for some common problems.

Other tools are, for example, exporting ePub directly from Word and importing ePub into Word, finding words that might be in small caps, and much more.

[edit] Procedures available

The following procedures are available:

  • Preparation/Prework
  • Search & Replace
  • Check dialogues
  • Check accented words
  • Generate clean XHTML
  • Create ePub
  • Check for smallcaps
  • Check for sub- and superscript

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