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YoKan is a set of patches for Duokan. The project discussion can be found at YoCan Reader forum thread.

Its name is a play of words on Barack Obama's campaign slogan "Yes we can." "You can" translates to "Du kan" in Norwegian.

[edit] Development


At the moment it is:

A bit too ambitious perhaps, but attempting to do it in small steps. First, had to see if it was possible to translate from a total strange language into English. This you can see here: sort of English Duokan

Next comes the language part, YoCan system languages (Moved from DK system languages)

The assumption is - yes, we can - use Kindle hardware and tweak our software.

The main objective is to get a reading device that run some fairly open and free software.

It has been difficult to achieve a dialogue with Duokan ( they don't answer every Duck quack ), but with hopeful intention, these threads were created - the first can serve as an intermediary bug-reporting location - before committing the reports to them. Duokan Bugs

And the Duokan Bugs Discuss can then be where discussions, propositions and information is shared and discussed.

A Duokan FAQ has been created, as well as other threads and work by many others on this site.

People may have different views, requests, wishes, interests, but this YoCan Reader page, does represent views and wishes of FethryDuck.

More details and descriptions of the system will follow as it progress.

  • Author: FethryDuck
  • Contributors:
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