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Kobo supports associating their eReader device with a different affiliate, which is essentially the store that sells the Kobo eReader. Some affiliates add their own branding to the device UI.

Kobo determines when new firmware is available for the device using the eReader's affiliate code and its geographic location. Kobo Firmware Releases lists all the firmware releases available.

Changing the device's affiliate code does not harm the eReader in any way.

The affiliate.conf file is located in the eReader's .kobo folder and is a Unix-formatted text file that looks like:

affiliate=<insert code here>

Use an empty value (or delete the file completely) to display the cover of the book being read during standby.


[edit] Known Codes

The following list of codes is taken from this forum thread.

Affiliate code Notes
<empty value> display the cover of the book being read on sleeping.
acer  ?
AcerPackardBell  ?
Aluratek  ?
Aluratek2  ?
AluratekBordersUS  ?
AmazonSpain  ?
AngusRobertson  ?
bestbuyca  ?
beta  ?
bol BOL
BordersAU  ?
BordersSouthernTel  ?
BoulangerFrance  ?
DartyFnac Darty and FNAC french companies have merged into a single group
Dogan D&R Turkey
emachines  ?
ematic  ?
Feltrinelli  ?
fnac FNAC logo on sleeping
FNACPortugal FNAC logo on sleeping and use possibility to use FNAC account to log in
FNACSpain  ?
gateway  ?
indigo  ?
kobo  ?
kobodesktop  ?
KoboDirect  ?
KoboIndigo  ?
lacentral  ?
livariaculture  ?
mediamarkt  ?
MerchSource  ?
mondadori  ?
rakutenbooks PIN locking
sears  ?
Shopify-US  ?
swindon  ?
ToshibaEurope  ?
viewsonic  ?
WalmartCA  ?
WalmartUS  ?
WalmartHybrid Walmart / Rakuten co-branded
Whitcoulls  ?
whsmith  ?
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