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Links to latest online reviews of the Amazon Kindle e-reader.


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  • Me in Manila (Neil Gaiman)
    • Pros: unpaid (!) enthusiasm, "I still miss it", easy to put your own content onto it
    • Cons: a bit overpriced
  • Amazon's Kindle eBook Reader (Gamers with Jobs)
    • Pros: "really pleased", easier to read in more places, positions, and situations, book or a newspaper on demand
    • Cons: expensive, cover needs of more secure attachment, book selection is (still) less-than-perfect
  • Amazon's Kindle: Very Cool, Really Easy (Publishers Weekly)
    • Pros: lightweight, title selection, e-book pricing, Whispernet
    • Cons: white plastic surface turns "grimy very quickly", awkward to hold and use, oddly situated buttons, grayscale images are badly rendered, keyboard use can be awkward, music only in random shuffle mode
  • You can't always judge an eBook by its cover (Ars Technica)
    • Pros: great screen, easy controls, shopping on demand, full-text search, newspaper subscriptions
    • Cons: design flaws, sluggish, slow browser with odd rendering, TOS (Amazon reserves the right to charge for, restrict, or terminate your service for any web access not involving access to official Kindle content)
  • Hands-on Review: Amazon Kindle (Yahoo! Tech)
    • Pros: looks better in person than in photos, intuitive, easy to handle with one hand, load your own content, wireless feature is killer
    • Cons: screen far from perfect in dim light, misses a PDF translator, Wikipedia and search feature didn't work (at first), pricy
  • Amazon's Kindle vs. Sony's Reader (CNET News)
    • Pros: shock protection, flexible "cursor bar", relatively low prices for Kindle e-books, PC not needed
    • Cons: ugly, no landscape mode, only few file formats supported
  • E-book readers by Sony, Amazon have their charms (USA Today)
    • Pros: can handle Audible audio books, discounts on e-books, more functional than the Sony Reader, keyboard, does not require a PC connection, without EVDO Kindle can still use slower wireless network
    • Cons: pay for blog content, less stylish than the Sony Reader, hard to fit the protective cover, SD card slot difficult to get to, newspaper content not updated throughout the day, wireless capability uses more battery
  • An E-Book Reader That Just May Catch On (New York Times)
    • Pros: thin, E Ink screen means no glare and no eyestrain, no need to be turned off, free Whispernet, instant book downloading, big e-book collection (bigger than Sony's), discounted e-book prices, transfer and convert documents while you're on the road, SD memory support, Audible support
    • Cons: not gorgeous, Web browser still crude, navigation clickers (too dominant), no forward button, lack of landscape mode
  • The Gizmo Report: Amazon's Kindle ebook reader (part 1) (CNet Blogs)
    • Pros: "I like it more than my Sony Reader", fast, e-book discounts, free wireless Web browsing
    • Cons: bigger than the Sony, flat book inventory list, books don't necessarily open to the cover, no printer interface, no PC application to read purchased books, bad industrial design with inputs (USB, earphone jacks)
  • Amazon Kindle review (CNET Reviews)
    • Pros: high-contrast screen, large available e-book library, newspaper + magazine + blogs, Whispernet (requires no PC), built-in keyboard, SD card expansion, design is ergonomic
    • Cons: design not elegant, pricing for content too high, lack of color, inferior Web browser, cover poorly designed, yet another dedicated device
  • Hands-on impression of the Amazon Kindle (jkOnTheRun)
    • Pros: light and thin, impressive battery life, fast enough for "happy usage", e-book shopping experience "well-done"
    • Cons: huge buttons (can lead to accidential clicks), screen not useable at medium or lower lights
  • Amazon's Kindle Makes Buying E-Books Easy, Reading Them Hard (Wall Street Journal)
    • Pros: large collection of e-books, automatic update of subscribed newspaper+magazines+blogs, free Whispernet, "I love the shopping and downloading experience", good readability, battery life and storage capacity, built-in dictionary
    • Cons: mediocre device, flaws in hardware and software design, huge buttons, hidden power buttons
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